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Webinar Webinar CDP Presents: Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Service Members and Veterans - Online via Adobe Connect May 11 Webinar Details
Training Idaho 2016 Pacific Northwest Regional 1-Week Civilian Training May 16 Training Details
Training Delaware Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) - Dover AFB, DE - 17-18 May 2016 May 17 Training Details
Webinar Webinar Online Suicide Prevention Training via Second Life, 17-18 May 2016 May 17 Webinar Details
Training Kansas Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Disturbances in Military Populations: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) - Fort Leavenworth, KS - 31 May - 1 June 2016 May 31 Training Details
Training Texas UC4e: Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) to Treat PTSD - University of North Texas, TX 1-2 June 2016 Jun 1 Training Details
Training United States CDP 1-Week Civilian Training in Support of Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) Jun 13 Training Details
Training Maryland Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD (PE) - Joint Base Andrews, MD - 15-16 June 2016 Jun 15 Training Details
Training Florida UC4-e: Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE) - Tallahassee Community College, FL 16-17 June 2016 Jun 16 Training Details
Webinar Webinar Online Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) Workshop via Second Life, 22-23 June 2016 Jun 22 Webinar Details
Webinar Webinar Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Pain in Military Populations Training via Second Life - 28 June 2016 Jun 28 Webinar Details
Training Iowa UC4: University of Dubuque, IA - 10 Aug. 2016 Aug 10 Training Details
Training Texas Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) - Lackland AFB, TX - 15-16 Aug. 2016 Aug 15 Training Details
Training United Kingdom Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression (CBT-D) - RAF Lakenheath, England - 18-19 Oct. 2016 Oct 18 Training Details
Training United Kingdom Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) - RAF Lakenheath, England - 20-21 Oct. 2016 Oct 20 Training Details