Pathways to Military Behavioral Health Careers: The Winter Institute

Course Dates: 8-10 Jan. 2024

The Center for Deployment Psychology’s Pathways to Military Behavioral Health Careers: The Winter Institute is a unique training opportunity for doctoral students in clinical or counseling psychology and social work students as well as early-career social workers who are interested in learning more about what it would be like to serve as an active duty behavioral health provider in the Armed Forces.

The program provides participants with first-hand knowledge of military culture and the work of military psychologists and social workers who treat active duty service members. In select modules, participants from both psychology and social work disciplines will collaborate in joint sessions, while in alternate modules, they will engage in separate breakout sessions.

Course Overview:
 ●  Aimed at individuals exploring the idea of serving in the U.S. Army, Navy, or Air Force
 ●  Hosted online through Zoom
 ●  Offered at no cost

​Intended for: 
 ●  Clinical or counseling psychology students who are in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of a doctoral program
 ●  Clinical social work students who are in their 1st or 2nd year of an MSW program
 ●  Early career clinical social workers not yet licensed

Through online didactics, panels, and group discussions led by CDP faculty and experts in the field, participants learn about:
 ●  The different types of clinical experiences and assessments conducted in the military
 ●  The warrior ethos, deployment cycle stress, military family challenges, and resilience
 ●  Situations related to unique ethical challenges faced by providers working in DoD settings
 ●  Clinical problems experienced by service members and interventions used at military clinics

Course Highlights:
 ●  A chance to interact with psychologists and social workers from different branches of the military
 ●  A panel discussion with military psychology internship training directors for psychology participants and a            panel discussion with military social work behavioral health consultants for social work participants
 ●  Specific guidance on next steps to achieve a military career

Please note: Students are encouraged to apply for either the Summer Institute or the Winter Institute but are not eligible to attend both. The student must select which program they wish to attend. If students are not accepted to a course, they can choose to apply to the other course or to re-apply to a future iteration of that course.

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