Mission, Vision, and History

Celebrating over 15 years of service to the military behavioral health community

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) is to lead the development of a community of culturally mindful and clinically competent providers through the delivery of high-quality training and education, the convening of experts, and the dissemination of research-based treatment and the latest topics in military behavioral health.

Our Vision

The vision of CDP is a future in which all Service members, Veterans, and their families receive quality behavioral health care that meets their unique needs.

Our History

In 2006, CDP embarked on the crucial undertaking of training behavioral health professionals in military culture and deployment-related behavioral health to help them better serve our nation’s Service members, Veterans, and their families. As the needs of our military personnel have changed, our organization has evolved to meet those needs. By offering ongoing education for health care professionals, collaborating with other organizations, and leading the effort to understand military behavioral health, we aim to ensure that Service members, Veterans, and families receive the care they need.

The Center for Deployment Psychology is committed to evolving and honoring the value of human experience. We will continue to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the CDP, and support providers as they incorporate principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in their practice.

Since our establishment, CDP has trained over 40,000 providers on topics including military culture, evidence-based psychotherapies, and clinical issues such as depression among Service members and Veterans. CDP has created extensive educational opportunities that are specifically designed to build skills and understanding among behavioral health professionals to allow them to improve the quality of care.

If you are a behavioral health care professional or student or represent an organization in the field and you serve the military community, CDP has resources to support your work. To learn more about CDP offerings, click here.