Online Training

The Center for Deployment Psychology is dedicated to our mission of offering high-quality training on evidence-based psychotherapies (EBPs). However, we recognize that many providers aren't able to travel to our face-to-face events. To accommodate this, CDP regularly presents online versions of our EBP training events in a variety of platforms. These online courses contain the same content as the face-to-face sessions and provide the same Continuing Education (CE) credits as well. Each of the platforms has its own strengths and advantages. Read on below to learn more and find out which fits your needs best!

Second LifeSecond Life is a persistent, virtual world.  Participants attend the training and interact via avatars. CDP has established a virtual education center in-world, complete with auditorium, breakout rooms, video display screens, and everything else found in real world training environments. Installing the Second Life program is required however. To learn more about Second Life, visit our Virtual Provider Training in Second Life section.

Zoom: Zoom is another browser-based web-conferencing platform, allowing for participant-presenter interaction, remote screen and document sharing, and high-quality video and audio. There is also a Zoom app available for mobile devices, both iOS and Android.