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By the Numbers: 21 October 2019

7.8 per 1,000

The rate of violent injuries experienced by healthcare workers in 2017, "compared to rates under 2.0 per 1,000 for other private industry," according to a recent article in the journal Health Affairs -- Violence And The US Health Care Sector: Burden And Response.

Research Update: 17 October 2019

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The weekly Research Update contains the latest news, journal articles, useful links from around the web. Some of this week's topics include:
● A Resting-State Network Comparison of Combat-Related PTSD with Combat- Exposed and Civilian Controls.
● Social Media and Suicide: A Review of Technology-Based Epidemiology and Risk Assessment.
● Role of masculinity in relationships between mindfulness, self-compassion, and well-being in military veterans.

Staff Perspective: The Slippery Slope from a Bad Night’s Sleep…to an Alcohol Problem?

Diana Dolan, Psy.D.

Have you ever said “I need a drink!” to a friend or colleague? Maybe you’d had a long, stressful day, or maybe you wanted to unwind and relax before bed. I think it’s endemic in our society to an extent, the use of having a drink – let me clarify, an alcoholic drink – to de-stress, and by extension for many, to try to get to sleep.

Staff Perspective: Opioid Misuse in the Military

Elizabeth Parins, Psy.D.

A study of non-treatment-seeking infantry soldiers who had been deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq Tobin, et al (2014) found that 44.0% reported chronic pain (pain for more than 90 days). Of those chronic pain suffers, 48.3% reported symptoms for over one year. Additionally, 15.1% of this non-treatment-seeking sample was using opioids. The comparable rates of civilian chronic pain and opioid use at the time of this study were 26.0% and 4.0%. Alarmingly, 44.1% of soldiers reporting opioid use also reported mild to no pain in the past month and 5.6% reported no pain (Tobin, et al, 2014).

CDP News: 11 October 2019

Welcome to this week’s edition of CDP News! We like to use this space to review recent happenings in and around the Center for Deployment Psychology, while also looking ahead to upcoming events. October is going by quick and keeping everyone here busy!