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Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode - Special Considerations for Working With Guard/Reserve Service Members

Dr. Jenna Ermold

Have you ever been curious about working with the National Guard or Reserves? Not entirely sure what service in the Guard or Reserves entails? Maybe have some questions about how you can best serve this population? Well are YOU in luck! In this not-to-miss episode of Practical for your Practice, we sat down with CDP’s own Jennifer Nevers who not only serves as an integral team member of CDP’s Star Behavioral Health Providers Program (SBHP) that aims to expand the availability of high-quality behavioral health services, especially for those in the reserve components.

Staff Perspective: Because Someone Else Said it Much Better - Using Quotes in Therapy

I love to read. Sure, I enjoy learning; but, there are just so many smart, thoughtful, funny, and witty people out there who find ways to say things better than I could ever imagine. Early in my career, I found myself bringing in quotes from my reading to share with my patients - these little nuggets of goodness that made me think of them or a situation we were talking about.

Staff Perspective: Using Project ECHO® to Address the Needs of Military-Connected Youth

Dr. Andrea Isreal

There have been several points in my career where I was the sole (or sole pediatric) provider in a particular area. I remember those periods with a mixture of emotions: gratitude for the opportunity to serve those in need coupled with concern that I lacked geographically close colleagues or referral options for my patients. Consultation with colleagues (usually far away) was a lifeline and a way to ensure I offered the best evidence-based care I could, especially when patients were on long waitlists for referrals to other specialists who needed to be involved in their care. Nonetheless, at times I felt like I was operating within the echo chamber of my mind (pun intended).

Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode EBP Confessionals Part 2 - Listeners’ Confessions

Dr. Jenna Ermold

It’s hard to believe that we have officially wrapped up our fourth season of Practical for Your Practice and I have to admit, this season feels a little extra special because it reinforced (over and over again) how NOT alone I am when it comes to the art of being a perfectly imperfect EBP provider. In eleven episodes and across topics from insomnia treatment, to Written Exposure Therapy, to implementing Unified Protocol groups, to suicide postvention, our brave guests met the vulnerability challenge and offered up their tales of imperfection and how they recovered from clinical missteps. And maybe even more important, how they grew as a provider by facing the tough situations that didn’t go by the book… or manual as it were.
Listen to the full episode here: EBP Confessionals Part 2 - Listeners Confessions.