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By the Numbers: 5 November 2018

The percentage of active duty military personnel with "polypharmacy (defined as five or more concurrent prescriptions)," according to an article in the June 2018 issue of the the Medical Surveillance Monthly Report -- Polypharmacy Involving Opioid, Psychotropic, and Central Nervous System Depressant Medications, Period Prevalence and Association with Suicidal Ideation, Active Component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2016

By the Numbers: 22 October 2018

$2.8 Trillion
The amount spent by the United States on "governmentwide homeland security efforts, international programs, and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria" from FY 2002 through FY 2017, according to a new report from the Stimson Center -- Counterterrorism Spending: Protecting America while Promoting Efficiencies and Accountability.

By the Numbers: 15 October 2018

The percentage by which soldiers deployed to combat zones are more likely to attend religious services weekly when compared to "their counterparts assigned to non-combat overseas deployments," according to a recent working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research -- Death, Trauma and God: The Effect of Military Deployments on Religiosity. Soldiers deployed to combat zones are also 9% more likely to engage in private prayer, according to the researchers.