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By the Numbers: 29 July 2019


The prevalence of being hazed in the military, according to a new article in the the Journal of Affective Disorders -- Military hazing and suicidal ideation among active duty military personnel: Serial mediation effects of anger and depressive symptoms. The article says that 18.7% of those who "experienced hazing reported suicidal ideation."

By the Numbers: 15 July 2019

The percentage of troops married at the beginning of 2018 who got divorced "over the course of the year," according to a recent article on the website Military.com -- Troop Divorce Rate Continues Slow But Steady Decline. The RAND researcher quoted in the article explained:
"...the best way to track whether a rate decline is underway is to look at the largest subgroup -- enlisted male soldiers. In 2009, the divorce rate among that group was 3.3%. Since then, it has fallen to 2.7%, according to the newly released data."


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