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Staff Perspective: Because Someone Else Said it Much Better - Using Quotes in Therapy

I love to read. Sure, I enjoy learning; but, there are just so many smart, thoughtful, funny, and witty people out there who find ways to say things better than I could ever imagine. Early in my career, I found myself bringing in quotes from my reading to share with my patients - these little nuggets of goodness that made me think of them or a situation we were talking about.

Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode - Improving Our EBP Practice by “Doing” Instead of “Knowing.”

Teaching is hard. Ask any teacher you know, whether they teach preschool or graduate school. No matter how much they love their job, their answer will probably reveal some weariness.  I love my job as a CDP faculty member, but it’s not always easy. Although we’re not in the business of writing hall passes or grading homework, adult learners bring their own set of challenges to our classrooms. How do we meet the needs of a large audience with varying clinical and educational backgrounds? How do we help them stay engaged for one or two full days despite competing demands? 

Practically Speaking: What is Your Why? How Did We Get Here, and Why Do You Care?

Dr. Jenna Ermold

Guess who's back? Back again… We are excited to announce that Practical for your Practice (P4P) Season 5 launched this week! Your hosts are excited to kick things off with a reveal of this season’s theme. On P4P, we believe in the importance of relating to each as a behavioral health podcast community. So in that vein, for Season 5 we will be asking our guests, “What is your why?” What drew them into the field of behavioral health and the specific slice of the field that they're in?

Staff Perspective: Accessing Care for Military-Connected Children - Views from Parents

Christy Collette

A recently published qualitative study (Benson et al. 2023) looked at the parents’ perspective in seeking behavioral health services for their children. For military-connected families, moving is a hallmark of service that brings the need to establish all types of health care at each duty station. This study focused on the parental experience of establishing behavioral health care, and the strategies they employ to overcome any barriers they experience during the process. In total, 22 parents across five branches of services were interviewed.

Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode EBP Confessionals Part 2 - Listeners’ Confessions

Dr. Jenna Ermold

It’s hard to believe that we have officially wrapped up our fourth season of Practical for Your Practice and I have to admit, this season feels a little extra special because it reinforced (over and over again) how NOT alone I am when it comes to the art of being a perfectly imperfect EBP provider. In eleven episodes and across topics from insomnia treatment, to Written Exposure Therapy, to implementing Unified Protocol groups, to suicide postvention, our brave guests met the vulnerability challenge and offered up their tales of imperfection and how they recovered from clinical missteps. And maybe even more important, how they grew as a provider by facing the tough situations that didn’t go by the book… or manual as it were.
Listen to the full episode here: EBP Confessionals Part 2 - Listeners Confessions.