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Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode - MATCHing Treatment to Kids’ and Teens’ Needs

Military children experience unique psychological needs due to the challenges associated with their parent's service. While some challenges are universal (peer pressure, academic performance, family stressors), some challenges are unique to military families.

Staff Perspective: An Unresolved Sleep Mystery - Segmented Sleep

Dr. Diana Dolan

You may have heard that sleep in the modern world is different. That due to our frenetic 24/7 society, we cram sleep into a shortened sleep window and then hurry on into our days. In contrast, or so I am told going around TikTok, historically people slept in “segmented sleep” in which they would retire to bed early, awaken and stay awake for a period of an hour up to several hours, and then return to sleep until rise time. Where is the evidence for this concept? Is this some previously unknown historical discovery brought to light, or just a now-digitalized urban legend? I do not profess to be an expert in this area, so let’s explore together

Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode: Massed Treatments for PTSD - The Quickest Way Through the Fog?

Dr. Carin Lefkowitz

Even die-hard proponents of evidence-based psychotherapy (EBP) such as myself acknowledge that it comes with challenges. Of course, there are some patients who are uninterested in EBPs for a variety of reasons. But even motivated and engaged patients don’t always complete treatment or gain significant benefit. Research has long focused on how we can improve outcomes and completion rates for “non responders” and “dropouts.”

Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode Be PreparED to Treat Eating Disorders

Dr. Kevin Holloway

Ok, I admit it. I am not an eating disorders therapist. That is not my specialty. I am grateful that there are therapists who specialize and are expert in treating eating disorders. I’m just not one of them. And that’s ok! In preparing for our discussion with Dr. Deborah Glasofer, our guest on this week’s episode of Practical For Your Practice, I found myself reflecting on the reasons that perhaps I have hesitated to engage with treating eating disorders. Perhaps some of these are familiar to some of our listeners, while perhaps other listeners are passionate about treating these disorders.

Staff Perspective: Telling About the Trauma

Dr. Deb Nofziger

Previously, I wrote about why combat veterans hesitate to share details about their combat experiences. These insights could be adjusted to anyone who has experienced trauma. I’ve repeatedly had veterans, providers, and family members tell me this makes sense to them. However, understanding a hesitancy to share does not mean it is okay to tell loved ones absolutely nothing about what happened if someone is struggling with the aftermath of trauma.