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Staff Perspective: Educational Support and Resources for Military Families

In last week’s blog, my colleague April Thompson shared about military family well-being during the military-to-veteran transition. The military-to-veteran transition is just one of the many transitions that military families experience. Today  I want to talk about another transition many active duty military families experience regularly, frequent moves, and how it impacts the education of military children. It feels like an appropriate focus given that April is the Month of the Military Child. I will also share several resources that I have found to be helpful as a psychologist, a military spouse, and a parent of a military child.

Staff Perspective: Family Well-Being During the Military-to-Veteran Transition

April Thompson, LCSW

Often in the military, we are taught the concept of creating a “new normal” following significant disruptions such as those related to a move, a military deployment, or other event impacting the whole family. Focusing on a “new normal” invites the family to view the situation as something requiring a period of adjustment. One aspect of military life that every family will experience is the transition out of the military. We all know it is coming. However, there is a great deal of variability in how families prepare for and respond to this event.

Staff Perspective: Helping Patients Off Hypnotic Medications Using CBT-I

Providers often report having questions about whether to start CBT-I if a patient is on a sleep medication, or how to help a patient taper off sleep medications and obtain good treatment outcomes while providing cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). In this blog, Dr. Rogers will summarize research findings and clinical recommendations pertaining to the use and tapering of hypnotic medications while providing CBT-I.

Research at CDP: Difficulties with Emotion Regulation Within PTSD Clusters and Moral Injury Subtypes

Recently, the CDP collaborated with colleagues within the VA Healthcare System, University of Rochester, and Louisiana State University to examine the role of difficulties with emotion regulation on military connected individuals with PTSD

Staff Perspective: Accessing Care for Military-Connected Children - Views from Parents

Christy Collette

A recently published qualitative study (Benson et al. 2023) looked at the parents’ perspective in seeking behavioral health services for their children. For military-connected families, moving is a hallmark of service that brings the need to establish all types of health care at each duty station. This study focused on the parental experience of establishing behavioral health care, and the strategies they employ to overcome any barriers they experience during the process. In total, 22 parents across five branches of services were interviewed.