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Staff Perspective: Might ACT Provide an Important Inroad in the Treatment of Suicidal Thinking and Behaviors During COVID-19 and Beyond?

Dr. Erin Frick

Our profession continues to bend and shape to meet the needs of clients amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one concern taking up space in most mental health professionals’ minds is how the pandemic will impact suicide risk. The conventional wisdom is that the associated life stressors, relational challenges, and greater access to firearms due to a surge in sales all may lead to a perfect storm whereby more people will be at risk of dying by suicide.

Staff Perspective: Around the Web

For this week's Staff Perspective blog entry, we're going to take a quick look at a few interesting and military-psychology related stories from around the Internet.
VAntage Point: The VA's VAntage Point blog has a very timely four-part series focused on veterans of the war in Afghanistan. The first part is entitled "How Veterans Can Reconcile Service." With the recent close of combat operations in Afghanistan, this piece provides advice and resources for veterans who may be struggling with mental health concerns.

Staff Perspective: The Society for Military Psychology celebrates 75 years as a charter division of the APA

Dr. William Brim

In 1945-46 the American Psychological Association (APA) underwent a reorganization and merger with the American Association of Applied Psychology and 19 charter divisions representing various constituencies were established, Division 19 was Military Psychology. Dr. Maurice Sipos, current Division President noted that, “Next week at the APA 2021 Virtual Convention, The Society for Military Psychology will celebrate 75 years of steadfast support of the field of military psychology through research, advocacy, applied science and evidence-based interventions for service members, veterans and their families. I am proud of our continued commitment to this legacy.”

Staff Perspective: Behavioral Health Treatment - A Pervasive Stigma

Can the stigma against seeking behavioral health treatment ever be fully banished? It's a difficult and important question. A person’s sense of self of identity depends on how they view themselves, or “who” they are instead of “what” they are physically. This distinction can make it relatively easy to seek medical treatment, but so much more threatening to ask for help from behavioral health providers. However, it takes so much more courage to analyze our internal self and admit that change may be needed.

Staff Perspective: Pathways to Military Internship

This week, 26-30 July 2021, the Center for Deployment Psychology was proud to present the most recent iteration of The Summer Institute. This five-day program is designed to provide doctoral students a glimpse into what it is like to serve as a psychologist in the Armed Forces and to help prepare them for a military internship. It's become such a popular program that the CDP has decided to expand to a whole new season! Learn more about the new Winter Institute!