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Staff Perspective: A Conversation on The Summer Institute

Libby Parins and Paula Domenici discuss the CDP's  program for students interested in becoming military psychologists, The Summer Institute: Preparing for a Career in the Armed Forces. This conversation includes the goal and primary mission of the Summer Institute, what the program covers, how it has evolved, who can apply, and much more! 

Staff Perspective: The Opportunity That Never Knocked On My Door

Libby Parins

Current graduate students interested in joining the military as psychologists have many more avenues for information than I did back in 1998. One of the most exciting current sources of information is the Center for Deployment Psychology’s The Summer Institute: Preparing for a Career in the Armed Forces. This is a one-week opportunity for graduate students in their second through fourth years of school to come to Washington D.C. for one week in the summer and learn about military psychology, meet training directors from the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and learn about specific evidence-based assessments and treatments used by military psychologists

Staff Perspective: Putting on the Uniform

Lisa French, Psy.D.

Have you ever wondered, “Should I put on the uniform? Is a career as a military psychologist right for me?” If only there was a program that could introduce interested graduate students on what it is like to serve as a uniformed provider. Oh wait, there is! The CDP is preparing to host their 4th annual, The Summer Institute: Preparing for a Career in the Armed Forces. This five-day course is designed for doctoral students in clinical or counseling psychology who are interested in joining the U.S. military and serving military patients

Staff Perspective: The Importance of Veterans Sharing Their Stories

April Thompson, LCSW

I began thinking about the issue of Veterans talking about their military experiences after watching a 2014 TED talk titled “How to talk to Veterans about war.” In this talk, Wes Moore (an Army Veteran) suggested that when he returned from an overseas combat tour, he wanted people to ask him about his experiences and ask how he was doing and what his transition back to the US was like for him. He said many people were hesitant to ask questions which led him to feel that his service wasn’t acknowledged and that people didn’t care.

Staff Perspective: Visions of Warriors - The Veteran Photo Recovery Project

Laura Copland, MA, LCMHC

Marina is one of four Veterans, with experiences from the Vietnam to Iraq wars, recorded in Visions of Warriors, a documentary film released on November 11, 2017 describing their journey and recovery with the use of an innovative approach The 90-minute film traces how these Veterans engage in The Veteran Photo Recovery Project (VPRP) and use photography to heal.