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Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode “Is There an Elephant in Your Room? What to do When Sociocultural and Political Issues Stomp Into Your EBP”

Dr. Jenna Ermold

You can sense it coming, feel it before you see it and hear it. The small tremors in conversation that warn you the elephant is incoming. In this episode of Practical for your Practice, we roll up our sleeves with Dr. Abigail Angkaw to address the topic of what clinicians can do when sociocultural and political issues stomp into their EBP.
Listen to the episode: Is There an Elephant in Your Room? What to do When Sociocultural and Political Issues Stomp Into Your EBP

Staff Perspective: Purple Up! in Support of Military Children

Dr. Lisa French

April was established as the Month of the Military Child in 1986 by the former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger to recognize the unique experiences of military children. In 2011 “Purple Up! For Military Kids” was initiated by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Military Youth and Family Program as a visible way to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices by wearing purple. The color purple was chosen to represent the joint environment of the military by combining each service branch's colors.

Staff Perspective: Military PCS Moves - Their Impact on Military Partners

Dr. Marjorie Weinstock

I recently ran across a newly published article by Drs. Sissi Ribiero, Keith Renshaw, and Elizbeth Allen titled “Military-related relocation stress and psychological distress in military partners.” I was intrigued by the title, since during my time as a military spouse I found the frequent moves to be one of the most challenging aspects of military life.

Staff Perspective: Examining the Link Between Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Insomnia

Dr. Tim Rogers

In this blog, Dr. Rogers will review recent research examining the link between mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and insomnia. The blog will also highlight considerations for treating insomnia with patients who have experienced a MTBI.

Staff Perspective: I Did Not Sign Up for this Ultra-Marathon: Challenges to Providing Evidence-Based Psychotherapy in 2023

Dr. Carin Lefkowitz

How can mental health care providers deliver good treatment while avoiding burnout in the context of multiple public health crises? Speakers at the 3rd Annual EBP Conference will offer insights.