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Staff Perspective - Around the Web: 24 June 2020

As we close out this year's PTSD Awareness Month, we wanted to take a quick look at a few relevant stories from around the web.

  • Overview of Evidence-based Practice - The Psychological Health Center for Excellent (PHCoE) offers a brief run-down of several evidence-based treatment options for PTSD, along with accompanying resources.
  • MHS Mental Health Experts Shed Light on PTSD - Three Military Health System SMEs, including CDP Executive Director Dr. Dave Riggs, discussed PTSD, treatment and programs during a media roundtable on the topic.

Staff Perspective: Moral Distress, Residue, and the Crescendo Effect - Understanding the Potential Impact of the Extended COVID-19 Crisis

Dr. Deb Nofziger

I had a patient who had once been a psychiatrist and left the field to return to general medicine. He was an active duty Service member who'd had multiple deployments. I remember thinking that he had become so burned out from working with Service members around behavioral health issues and combat that he had to leave that part of the profession altogether. But even then, I realized that "burned out" did not capture what I was seeing in him

Staff Perspective: Learning to Live with Danger

Dr. Deb Nofziger

The other night, I was talking with a neighbor about my irritation with loved ones whom I viewed as having an extreme reaction to the current pandemic. When I talk with others and hear about how worried and anxious they are -- and what I view as over-the-top rituals they perform to sanitize their world -- I have found myself getting frustrated with them and trying to convince them that they don’t have to be so worried. At the same time, I am worried about my own reaction, or perceived lack thereof. Is there something wrong with them… or me?

Staff Perspective: How Star Behavioral Health Providers Helps with Reintegration Challenges

As we train civilian providers around the country through our Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) program, one thing that is new to many people---is the fact that reintegration is frequently more stressful for military-connected families than the deployment itself. 


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