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CDP Presents: Eating Disorders - Assessment and Treatment in a Military Behavioral Health Context - Originally Presented 14 May 2024

CDP Presents: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a Treatment Approach for Military-Connected Children - Originally Presented 24 April 2024

CDP Presents: Intimate Partner Violence - Assessment and Response with Military-Connected Clients - Originally Presented 13 March 2024

CDP Presents: Cognitive Rehabilitation and Exposure/Sorting Therapy (CREST) for Hoarding Disorder: An Overview - Originally Presented 20 February 2024

CDP Presents: The Psychological Impact of the Military-Civilian Transition Process - Originally Presented 8 November 2023

CDP Presents: Sleep Survival - How to Manage Poor Sleep Opportunities - Originally Presented 11 October 2023

CDP Presents: Nonprofit Spotlight on Stop Soldier Suicide: Innovative and Evidence-Based Strategies for Addressing Veteran and Service Member Suicide Risk - Originally Presented 15 September 2023

CDP Presents: Forging Connective Tissue as a Military Consultant: Lessons Learned for Establishing Rapport and Building Trust with Military Clients - Originally Presented 16 August 2023

CDP Presents: A Quick Walk Through the New VA/DOD Clinical Practice Guidelines for PTSD - Originally Presented 28 June 2023

CDP Presents: Self-Help Plus: A Cost-Effective, Scalable, Evidence-Based Stress Management Course- Originally Presented 2 May 2023

CDP Presents: Healing Racial Trauma - Strategies for Children, Teens, and Their Families - Originally Presented 5 April 2023

CDP Presents: Integrated Treatment Approaches to Treat Comorbid PTSD and History of TBI - Originally Presented 16 March 2023

CDP Presents: Eating Disorders - General and Military-Related Considerations - Originally Presented 15 February 2023

CDP Presents: Psychological Flexibility and ACT in Chronic Pain: Theory and Application - Originally Presented 25 January 2023

CDP Presents: Strengthening the Homefront - A Tactical Toolkit Targeting Key Factors During Deployment - Originally Presented 20 December 2022

CDP Presents: Psychological Flexibility Training to Enhance Resilience in Service Members - Originally Presented 9 November 2022

CDP Presents: Common Misperceptions About Sleep Interventions - Originally Presented 12 October 2022

CDP Presents: Dyadic Interventions - Involving Significant Others in Suicide Prevention - Originally Presented 22 September 2022

CDP Presents: Dancing with Ambivalence in Psychotherapy - Moving Between Motivational interviewing and EBPs with Balance and Grace - Originally Presented 20 July 2022

CDP Presents: Treating PTSD and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders Using Prolonged Exposure - Originally Presented 21 June 2022

CDP Presents: Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Service Members and Veterans - Originally Presented 10 May 2022

CDP Presents: Building Resilience in Young People - Originally Presented 14 April 2022

CDP Presents: CogSMART/Compensatory Cognitive Training for Service Members and Veterans with Neuropsychiatric Conditionss - Originally Presented 16 March 2022

CDP Presents: Using Emotionally Focused Therapy with Military Couples - Originally Presented 16 February 2022

CDP Presents: Treating PTSD When Clinicians Have Negative Reactions to Patients' Sociocultural Views - Originally Presented 19 January 2022

CDP Presents: Self-Empowering Addiction Treatment and Mutual Help - Originally Presented 16 December 2021

CDP Presents: Mind-Body Interventions for PTSD - Review of Evidence and Future Directions - Originally Presented 9 November 2021

CDP Presents: Non-pharmacological Pain Management in the Context of Trauma Polymorbidity - Originally Presented 27 October 2021

CDP Presents: Suicide Prevention from Elite Athletes to High-Performance Military - Originally Presented 8 September 2021

CDP Presents: Embracing Full-Spectrum Psychological Performance and Well-being - Originally Presented 21 July 2021

CDP Presents: Addressing Guilt, Shame, and Anger in Three Different Models of PTSD Treatment. Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Written Exposure Therapy, and Brief Dynamic Therapy - Originally Presented 16 June 2021

CDP Presents: Technology and Telehealth - Maximizing Treatment Quality and Accessibility Across the Virtual Divide - Originally Presented 25 May 2021

CDP Presents: Optimizing Mental Health Treatment with Military-Connected Patients - Originally Presented 18 May 2021

CDP Presents: Motivational Interviewing and its Synergy with Other Evidence-Based Practices - Originally Presented 11 May 2021

CDP Presents: Unmasking Microaggressions in a Clinical Setting - Originally Presented 4 May 2021

CDP Presents: The Military Family Experience 2021: Results from Blue Star Families' 2020 Military Family LIfestyle Survey - Originally Presented 27 April 2021

CDP Presents: The Wild, Wild West of Treatments for Posttraumatic Nightmares - Originally Presented 16 March 2021

CDP Presents: Present-Centered Therapy for PTSD - Originally Presented 17 February 2021

CDP Presents: Understanding the Unique Challenges of Military Families with Special Needs Children - Originally Presented 13 January 2021

CDP Presents: An Introduction to Stress First Aid - Originally Presented 16 December 2020

CDP Presents: Examing the Active Duty to Veteran Transition from Both Sides of the DD-214 - Originally Presented 10 November 2020

CDP Presents: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Moral Injury (ACT-MI) - Originally Presented 1 October 2020

CDP Presents: Key Elements for the Effective Management and Resolution of Suicidality - Originally Presented 16 September 2020

CDP Presents: Using Case Conceptualization in Treating Military-Connected Patients - Originally Presented 19 August 2020

CDP Presents: The Moral Cost of Responding to COVID-19: Identifying and Addressing Moral Injury in Health Personnel and First Responders - Originally Presented 13 August 2020

CDP Presents: How Positive Psychology Can Enhance the Performace of Service Providers - Originally presented 23 July 2020

CDP Presents: An Introduction to Written Exposure Therapy (WET) for PTSD - Originally presented 4 June 2020

CDP Presents: Suddenly Telehealth - How to Implement EBPs Virtually with Fidelity and Effectiveness - Originally presented 14 May 2020

CDP Presents: Military-Connected Children and I Serve 2 - Originally presented 24 April 2020

CDP Presents: The Implications of Military Deployments on the Children of Current and Former Members of the U.S. Armed Forces - Originally presented 10 April 2020

CDP Presents: Military Children and Trauma - Originally presented 3 April 2020

CDP Presents: Engaging Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Processes to Enhance Resilience in Military Personnel - Originally presented 18 March 2020

CDP Presents: Emotional Support Animals: Ethical, Legal, and Clincal Issues for Mental Health Professionals - Originally presented 25 February 2020

CDP Presents: InTransition - Helping Bridge the Gap Between Patients, Providers. and Healthcare Systems - Originally presented 23 January 2020

CDP Presents: Introducing Service Members and Veterans to Mindfulness - Originally presented 12 December 2019

CDP Presents: PTSD, Resilience, and Post-Traumatic Growth in Traumatized Service Members and Veterans - Originally presented 6 November 2019

CDP Presents: Exploring the Relationship Between Sleep and Substance Use Disorders - Originally presented 16 October 2019

CDP Presents: Firearms and Suicide - What Do We Know and What Can We Do?- Originally presented 12 September 2019

CDP Presents: Human Performance Optimization - A Paradigm Shift to Improve Mental Health Care of Service Members - Originally presented 21 August 2019

CDP Presents: Understanding and Managing Anger and Aggression in PTSD - Originally presented 26 June 2019

CDP Presents: Helping Patients with PTSD-Related Nightmares  - Originally presented 19 June 2019

CDP Presents: Trauma-Informed Intimate Partner Violence in Military and Veteran Populations - Originally presented 12 June 2019

CDP Presents: Grief-Informed Treatment After Trauma - Originally presented 5 June 2019

CDP Presents: Prevention and Treatment of Remote Combat Stress - Originally presented 16 May 2019

CDP Presents: Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS) - A Family Resilience Model - Originally presented 24 April 2019

CDP Presents: The Basics of Sleep - What Every Provider Needs to Know! - Originally presented 14 March 2019

CDP Presents: Tobacco Control in the Air Force - Trends and Treatment - Originally presented 20 February 2019

CDP Presents: Suicide Prevention - The Lost Art of Case Conceptualization - Originally presented 15 January 2019

CDP Presents: Working with LGBT Service Members and Veterans - Originally presented 12 December 2018

CDP Presents: Building Military Family Resilience - Originally presented 9 November 2018

CDP Presents: Psychological Interventions in Pain Management - Originally presented 25 October 2018

CDP Presents: Lethal Means Safety Counseling to Reduce Suicide Risk - Originally presented 27 September 2018

CDP Presents: Achieving the Promise of Suicidality Interventions: What Do We Know and How Do We Use It? - Originally presented 20 September 2018

CDP Presents: Suicide Prevention for Veterans with Other Than Honorable Discharges - Originally presented 13 September 2018

Not Available - Forces for Health - Warrior Wednesdays: Be Ready - The Role of Culturally-Informed Multidisciplinary Care in Recovery - Originally presented 26 July 2018

CDP Presents: Comparing and Contrasting Conceptualization and Treatment of PTSD from the Perspectives of Social Cognitive and Emotional Processing Theories - Originally presented 27 June 2018

Not Available - Forces For Health - Warrior Wednesdays: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Management of Pain and Opioid Misuse Prevention - Originally presented 23 May 2018

Not Available Forces For Health - Warrior Wednesdays: Facilitating a Multidisciplinary, Culturally-informed Response to Interpersonal Violence and Anger - Originally presented 16 May 2018

Not Available - Forces For Health - Warrior Wednesdays: Trauma-Informed Care: Empowering Warriors to Promote Recovery - Originally presented 9 May 2018

Not Available - Forces For Health - Warrior Wednesdays: Healing the Spiritual Wounds of War - Originally presented 2 May 2018

CDP Presents: Sleep Disorder Care in the Military - Originally presented 25 April 2018

CDP Presents: MTBI in Adults - Pathophysiology, Clinical Recovery, and Intervention wth 'Complex' Cases - Originally presented 21 March 2018

CDP Presents: Ethical Considerations for Working with Military Members and Veterans - Originally presented 27 February 2018

CDP Presents: Mindfulness in Evidence-Based Practice - Originally presented 25 January 2018

CDP Presents: Assessment and Management of Anger in Service Members and Veterans - Originally presented 5 December 2017

CDP Presents: Chronic Pain and Opiod (Ab)Use - Originally presented 15 November 2017

CDP Presents: Means Restriction and Talking to Suicidal Veterans About Firearms - Originally presented 3 October 2017

CDP Presents: The Safety Planning Intervention for Reducing Suicide Risk - Originally presented 20 September 2017

CDP Presents: Suicide Risk Assessment - Originally presented 13 September 2017

CDP Presents: Veteran Suicide Data and Prevention Programs - Originally presented 6 September 2017

CDP Presents: Moral Injury Recognition and Care - Originally presented 27 July 2017

CDP Presents: Challenges to EBP Implementation - Originally presented 29 June 2017

CDP Presents: Working with LGBT Service Members - Originally presented 15 June 2017

CDP Presents: Building Military Family Resilience - Originally presented 18 April 2017

CDP Presents: Ethical Considerations for Working with Military Members and Veterans - Originally presented 22 March 2017

CDP Presents: Chickens & Eggs - Treatment Order in Cases of Co-Morbid PTSD and Insomnia - Originally presented 21 February 2017

CDP Presents: Using Veteran Peers to Improve Access to Mental Health Services and Support Recovery - Originally presented 24 January 2017

CDP Presents: Use of Mobile Applications in Clinical Practice with Service Members and Veterans - Originally presented 6 December 2016

CDP Presents: Opioid Use Disorders in Military-Connected Patients - An Overview of Current Trends and Treament - Originally presented 18 October 2016

CDP Presents: Brief Interventions for Suicidal Military Personnel and Veterans - Originally presented 21 September 2016

CDP Presents: Helping Military Couples Enhance Connection After Deployment - Originally presented 23 August 2016

CDP Presents: Reconceptualizing Resilience and Growth in the Wake of Trauma - Originally presented 21 June 2016

CDP Presents: Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Service Members and Veterans - Originally presented 11 May 2016

CDP Presents: Deploying in Response to an Infectious Disease Outbreak - The Impact on Service Member Mental Health - Originally presented 20 April 2016

CDP Presents: Psychological Consequences of Brain Injury and Implications for Treatment in Service Members and Veterans - Originally presented 15 March 2016

CDP Presents: Chronic Pain - Originally presented 16 February 2016

CDP Presents: The Acquisition and Role of Resilience for the Warrior - Originally presented 13 January 2016

CDP Presents: Understanding Depression in Service Members and Veterans - Originally presented 9 December 2015

CDP Presents: Behavioral Health Concerns in Military-Connected Patients - An Overview for Primary Care Providers - Originally presented 14 October 2015

CDP Presents: Military Suicide Prevention - Originally presented 3 September 2015

CDP Presents: Military Culture - Originally presented 27 August 2015

CDP Presents: Women in the Military - Originally presented 28 July 2015

CDP Presents: Assessment and Management of Anger in Service Members and Veterans - Originally presented 18 June 2015

CDP Presents: Clinician Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-5 (CAPS-5) - An Overview - Originally presented 8 April 2015

CDP Presents: Moral Injury - Originally presented 14 January 2015