CDP Presents: Engaging Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Processes to Enhance Resilience in Military Personnel

Originally presented 18 March 2020

In this webinar participants will learn about key Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) processes that can be targeted to promote psychological resilience in Service members. The session will briefly describe the ACT conceptualization of psychological resilience, provide a practical model for recognizing clinical opportunities to target key ACT processes and demonstrate the application of the ACT model in a live role-play. In addition, this webinar will provide a brief overview of empirical support for ACT as an intervention to boost performance and factors related to resilience. Participants will leave with knowledge about the potential pathways by which ACT may promote resilience in military personnel.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how engaging ACT core processes may enhance psychological resilience
  • Describe an ACT-consistent conceptual framework of resilience to guide clinician decision making
  • Demonstrate several strategies for engaging processes related to psychological resilience in therapy sessions
  • Identify empirical support for ACT as an intervention to boost resilience and recognize opportunities for additional research

Dr. Evans and Dr. Santanello answer a few supplementary questions in this bonus video!

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