CDP Presents: Using Cognitive Case Conceptualization in Treating Military-Connected Patients

In this 90-minute interactive webinar, participants will learn how to apply a case conceptualization using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) framework when working with military-connected patients. The session will describe the rationale for and provide an overview of the various components of the cognitive case conceptualization. In addition, a brief discussion of the cognitive model is introduced, reviewing the different levels of thought in CBT. The case conceptualization diagram, a clinical tool used for the development of an individually tailored formulation, is presented. Treatment goals are discussed in the context of the case conceptualization. Lastly, two military-connected cases will be presented, giving participants the opportunity to apply the information learned to the shared case vignettes.

Learning Objectives:
After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Develop an individualized case conceptualization for patients based on the cognitive behavioral model.
  2. Apply CBT conceptualization model to depression and anxiety.
  3. Formuate individualized treatment goals based on the cognitive case conceptualization.

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