CDP Presents: The Wild, Wild West of Treatments for Posttraumatic Nightmares

Post-traumatic nightmares are a distressing experience for patients, and do not necessarily resolve when the contributing trauma is addressed. A number of different protocols have been developed to target nightmares, but research findings often conflict and the field lacks clear practice guidelines. This webinar will provide clinicians with an overview of the different options for treatment of post-traumatic nightmares, including a comparison of the components and hypothesized mechanism of action of each. In the second half of the presentation, a panel discussion will use a detailed case vignette to illustrate real-world practical and conceptual considerations for the treatment of a patient who presents with nightmares. 

For a brief overview of the event, check out the Bottom Line, Up Front (B.L.U.F.) below!

Learning Objectives:
After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between the evidence-based treatments for posttraumatic nightmares
  2. Evaluate the proposed mechanisms of action of existing treatments for posttraumatic nightmares
  3. Apply knowledge about the treatment of posttraumatic nightmares to a clinical case study