CDP Presents: The Implications of Military Deployments on the Children of Current and Former Members of the U.S. Armed Forces

Originally presented 10 April 2020

In this 88-minute webinar, participants will learn about the population of children of current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and the implications of military deployments for those children. Specific content to be presented will focus on the characteristics of children of members of the Active and Reserve components, the nature of military deployments, and recent evidence about short- and long-term correlates for children’s well-being and functioning of exposure to a parental military deployment. Strengths and limitations of recent evidence will be presented. Finally, consideration will be given to factors that may mediate or moderate the effects of deployments on children and possible strategies for boosting the resilience of military families.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate key characteristics of the population of military children, and aspects of parental military service that may promote vs. protect against risks for children.
  • Evaluate mediators of the impact of parental deployments on children.
  • Analyze strengths and limitations of recent evidence related to assessing the impact of parental deployments on children.
  • Construct a perspective regarding strategies that may fruitfully be used to promote strength and resilience in military families.

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