CDP Presents:The Moral Cost of Responding to COVID-19: Identifying and Addressing Moral Injury in Healthcare Personnel and First Responders

Given the current pandemic and concerns about moral distress experienced by individuals on the frontlines, the Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) will convene a group of experts to discuss strategies for identifying and addressing moral injury. The goal is to bring leaders in the field together to share ideas and recommendations about how behavioral health providers and communities can support individuals at risk for experiencing distress from exposure to COVID-19-related ethical challenges. Panelists will share knowledge based on working with and researching moral injury in Service members and Veterans and other populations and brainstorm ways to apply it to healthcare providers, first responders and the National Guard. The latest research, interventions, and resources will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:
After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Appraise the concepts of moral injury and moral distress and how they manifest.
  2. Evaluate the current state of research and treatment for moral injury.
  3. Develop initial strategies for assessing and assisting individuals exposed to COVID-19-related moral challenges.

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