Reconceptualizing Resilience and Growth in the Wake of Trauma Online via Adobe Connect - Jun. 21, 2016 - By David Riggs, Ph.D. & Kelly Chrestman, Ph.D.

Reconceptualizing Stress and Resilience

Traumatic events have the potential to create significant and persistent psychological distress in the form of PTSD and other diagnosable disorders. It is notable, however, that the majority of persons who confront trauma demonstrate a capability to recover without significant intervention form professionals. In recent years capacity to successfully recover in the wake of trauma has been referenced as "resilience". This presentation invite the audience to consider alternative ways to conceptualize the constructions of posttraumatic growth and resilience following trauma, and to take a more nuanced look at the varied and complex psychological responses humans experience in the wake of trauma.   This event held 21 June 2016, from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. Eastern, with one hour of instruction and additional time for a Q&A period.

This webinar entitled "Reconceptualizing Resilience and Growth in the Wake of Trauma" will be lead by Dr. David Riggs and Dr. Kelly Chrestman.

This course presented via Adobe Connect teleconferencing software. Participants do not have to install any additional programs on their computer to take part. However, a web browser with an updated version of Flash player (11.2 or higher) is necessary. Participants can test their computer's capabilities by clicking here.