CDP Presents: An Introduction to Stress First Aid

Stress First Aid (SFA) is a framework of functions that have been shown to be helpful in situations of ongoing adversity. It has been organized into both self-care / peer support and public-facing models. As self-care and peer support model, SFA comprises a set of supportive actions designed to help those in high stress jobs better care for themselves and assist each other in reducing the negative impacts of stress. This model recognizes that “critical incidents” are not the only stressors that professionals in high stress jobs face, and is therefore based on acknowledgement that stress can be ongoing and cumulative, resulting from multiple sources, and resistant to formal intervention for many reasons such as stigma, lack of time, and cultural factors. Therefore, SFA is designed to be attentive to multiple sources of stress, as well as being practical, flexible, and tailored to the specific styles and needs of those involved. Stress First Aid has also been versioned for first responders, healthcare workers, and crisis counselors who are supporting the public in crisis situations or in the context of ongoing adversity. This 90-minute SFA training will offer an overview of SFA components and discuss how it can be adapted and applied to work with those working in many settings.

Click here to to download the slides and handouts for this presentation 

Learning Objectives: After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Appraise the basic foundation of Stress First Aid.
  • Differentiate indicators of significant stress
  • Incorporate basic SFA support actions into practice

For a quick summary of this training, check out the Bottom Line, Up Front (B.L.U.F) below!