CDP Presents: Sleep Disorder Care in the Military - Online via Adobe Connect, 25 April 2018

Sleep Disorder Care in the Military

CDP Presents: Sleep Disorder Care in the Military - Online via Adobe Connect

Originally presented 25 April 2018

This 90-minute (75-minutes didactics, 15-minutes Q&A) webinar features a panel of civilian and military sleep experts explaining the role and treatment services of different disciplines in the management of sleep disorders in the military, discussing the state of the research regarding behavioral treatments for insomnia such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy of Insomnia (CBTI) and Brief Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia (BBTI). The panel will also describe ways that behavioral health providers can encourage and promote appropriate referrals to evidence-based sleep treatments by maximizing engagement with primary care teams.

Learning Objectives

  • Appraise the role of different healthcare professionals in the treatment of patients with sleep disorders and its clinical implications
  • Recommend behavioral treatment approaches (CBTI, BBTI) specifically for military-connected patients as supported by the current state of the research to alleviate symptoms of sleep disorders
  • Devise strategies to foster collaboration with primary care teams to promote referrals for behavioral sleep treatment for military members and Veterans with sleep disorders

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