CDP Presents: Working with LGBT Service Members, 15 June - Online via Adobe Connect

CDP Presents: Working with LGBT Service Members -


In this 90-minute webinar (60 minutes instruction, 30 minutes Q&A), participants will obtain a better understanding of working with LGBT Service members and Veterans. We will provide data related to rates of LGBT persons in the civilian, military and Veteran communities. In addition, we will provide an overview of the history of LGBT individuals in the US and within the military. The presentation will discuss some of the negative consequences of the stigma associated with LGBT populations and the impact of military culture and policy on stigma. Participants will leave with knowledge about the theoretical background, guidelines and recommendations for LGBT affirmative interventions. Finally, we will conclude with providing some of the resources available within the military and the community for LGBT persons.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe LGBT History in the US, in the field of psychology and the military.
  • Discuss the negative consequences of stigma on the LGBT community.
  • Describe recommended competencies, guidelines, and resources for treating LGBT individuals.