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Staff Perspective: Examining the Link Between Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Insomnia

Dr. Tim Rogers

In this blog, Dr. Rogers will review recent research examining the link between mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and insomnia. The blog will also highlight considerations for treating insomnia with patients who have experienced a MTBI.

Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode “Take That Nap! Strategies and Tips for Working with the Sleep Deprived”

Dr. Jenna Ermold

When we think of “sleep problems” most of the time our brains go to insomnia – that group of people we work with who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep despite adequate opportunity to sleep. But what about the opposite side of the sleep coin… or pillow, if you will? What about the group of folks who desperately want sleep, need sleep, crave sleep AND could sleep if only given adequate opportunity to do so? In this week’s episode, we sit down, once again, with one of CDP’s sleep experts, Dr. Diana Dolan, to talk about sleep deprivation and the associated functional impairments

Staff Perspective: Abandon Ship or Focus on Strategies to Improve Adherence to Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia

Dr. Tim Rogers

When conducting our two-day workshops on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), participants often note that a high percentage of their patients experience or report having sleep difficulties. Participants also note that patients seeking help have often been struggling with these problems for years. As a result, patients can enter into treatment feeling both helpless and hopeless about the possibility of their sleep functioning improving.

Staff Perspectives: A Follow-Up to “Debunking Common Misperceptions about Sleep Interventions”

Recently we hosted a webinar titled “CDP Presents: Debunking Common Misperceptions about Sleep Interventions” that addressed how as behavioral health professionals we can critically evaluate the regular barrage of claims we hear about sleep “tips” and products. I say critically not necessarily in a pejorative sense – that is, as a disapproval although that may end up being the case – but rather in the sense of approaching claims with a consistent evaluative framework. This kind of approach allows us to compare claims against scientific knowledge and evidence.

Staff Perspective: Misconceptions About Sleep

Dr. Diana Dolan

You name it, we’ve heard about it. Our sleep consultants regularly come across purported new “solutions” for sleep problems, many of which of course involve only a low, low price. If I sound skeptical, it’s because I am; if a revolutionary cure for sleep problems existed, why do people continue to have problems sleeping? So many of my patients have been convinced something works, but still come in reporting they do not sleep well.