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Staff Perspective: Not Your Fault, but Still Your Responsibility: The Needs of Youth with a Parent with Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder within families is a topic with potential impact across subpopulations and is not specific to the population of military families. In fact, although reviews of research suggest that there may be a higher incidence of problematic drinking in some segments (but not all) of the military, the highest rates of problematic drinking seem to be observed in military populations that are inconsistent with military families with children (as factors related to higher rates include those who are single and do not have children; Osborne et al., 2022). Even more explicitly, I’m not aware of any studies which have noted a heightened prevalence of problematic drinking in military families with children versus civilian families with children.

Staff Perspective: Exploring a Suicide-Specific Couple-Based Intervention

Dr. Marjorie Weinstock

While I’ve written numerous blogs about military couples, one of my other professional interests is suicide prevention. Since September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I thought suicide prevention would be a good topic for my blog post this month. So, when I recently ran across Khalifan and colleagues’ (2022) article “Utilizing the couple relationship to prevent suicide: A preliminary examination of treatment for relationships and safety together” I was intrigued!

Staff Perspective: Eating Disorders and Suicide Risk

Dr. Lisa French

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to focusing awareness on training and resources specific to suicide prevention with the hope of decreasing stigma and increasing help-seeking behavior. When deciding what to write about, I wanted to focus on two areas that have really been pivotal in my clinical career path: eating disorders (EDs) and suicide prevention. Early in my graduate studies, my clinical focus was on the assessment and treatment of EDs.

Staff Perspective: Where’s the Parenting Manual Regarding Youth Suicide?

When I became a parent just over five years ago, I felt so untethered. Here I was a practicing mental health professional for 20 years and I was scrambling for information on “infant sleep” and “what to do if you’re struggling with breastfeeding.” Fast forward to the early school-age period, and I now anxiously seek out information on power struggles and managing tantrums. Apparently, knowing a lot about child development doesn’t actually prepare you when it’s your own child.

Staff Perspective: Misconceptions About Sleep

Dr. Diana Dolan

You name it, we’ve heard about it. Our sleep consultants regularly come across purported new “solutions” for sleep problems, many of which of course involve only a low, low price. If I sound skeptical, it’s because I am; if a revolutionary cure for sleep problems existed, why do people continue to have problems sleeping? So many of my patients have been convinced something works, but still come in reporting they do not sleep well.