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Staff Perspective: Five Years of the CDP Blog

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what are almost a thousand blogs worth?  I suppose that depends on the blog,...but consider the idea that a blog is intended to inform its target audience with timely information that is conversational, directly useful, and regularly updated.  Then ask yourself the worth of a blog for behavioral health providers that provided weekly research updates, statistics, and national expert opinions on issues related to the psychological well-being of Service members, Veterans and their families.  Hopefully you’d agree that it would be invaluable, especially if it was free!

Staff Perspective: New EBP Video Section

We here at the Center for Deployment Psychology are excited to unveil the new Evidence-Based Psychotherapies video section on our website. As part of our multi-day EBP training events, we use many videos to demonstrate a variety of techniques. One of the most common request we receive is participants wanting the opportunity to watch these videos again afterwards to help reinforce the concepts. Now those interested can watch (and re-watch) all these video demonstrations whenever they want. 

Staff Perspective - Preparing for Another Deployment: Reflections on Month of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child and as I think about why we set-aside a month for this purpose, I reflect on the phrase “Kids serve, too.”  You’ll often hear this phrase used as a short-hand acknowledgement of the fact that children of our military Service members make sacrifices right alongside their parents.  The life of a military child includes challenges such as frequent relocations, long separations from a deployed parent (or parents) and the uncertainty that can come from being a part of a military-connected family.  Since 2001, over two million children have experienced the military deployment of a parent with many of them experiencing multiple deployments.

Staff Perspective: Does What Happens in Vegas Have to Stay in Vegas? - Assisting Clients with Decisions About Disclosure

What do we say to our clients who perceive that discussing military experiences is akin to “leaking” classified information or will result in legal consequences? Some things can only occur when we can be confident that our disclosures and behavior will be kept hidden from the public eye. Standards related to confidentiality are enshrined in the ethics codes of all mental health disciplines precisely because these standards allow our clients to speak about their issues in a candid manner without fear that their disclosures could be used to harm them.

Staff Perspective: On LTC Grossman’s “The Psychological Effect of Combat” (As Experienced by a Sheep)

Recently I was invited to attend a lecture by LTC (Ret.) Dave Grossman titled “The Psychological Effect of Combat.” I knew of LTC Grossman because so many of my military clients raved about his books, On Killing and On Combat. I was intrigued to see him speak, but was also quite skeptical about his message and expected to disagree with him at every turn.