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Staff Perspective: Social Factors in Military Patients with PTSD

When developing a case conceptualization, we often consider the co-occurring psychological factors at play; however, we may neglect to fully consider the many social factors involved. Maercker and Horn (2013) developed a three level model of socio-interpersonal factors related to the development of PTSD, which can be useful when forming a case conceptualization. The first level considers social affective changes and encompasses factors such as shame, guilt, anger, and revenge. The second level examines close social relationships including social support, and the third level includes distant social contexts such as one’s culture.

Staff Perspective - Call 988

Dr. Libby Parins

Since 1968 Americans have known to call 911 during emergencies to activate either the police, fire department, or emergency medical response. When my own house caught fire in late 2019, as I ran to find a garden hose in the dark, I yelled to my then 15 year old son, “call 911.” It’s a phrase so ingrained in our American psyche that we instinctively know to activate that response in our times of panic, fear, and need. But each year millions of 911 calls are made due to issues related to emotional distress or mental health problems for which police, fire, rescue, and EMS services are not always the optimal responders. 

Staff Perspective: Stigma and Military Pediatric Behavioral Health Care

In October 2021, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Children’s Health Association, and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry jointly declared a “National State of Emergency in Children’s Mental Health” (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2021). The declaration highlighted rising rates of significant mental health needs amongst pediatric age ranges, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and further noted the concern for lack of services prepared to address such substantial need. 

Staff Perspective: Using Humor to Reduce Stigma Around Mental Health

As we head into a month of Staff Perspective blogs focusing on the stigma around mental health, I struggled to come up with an angle that had not been addressed, either in previous blogs by CDP staff or in a myriad of other venues. The construct of stigma around mental health is well researched and many have written on the root of the stigma, why the military may be particularly plagued by stigma and potential directions to go in reduction efforts.