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Staff Perspective: What is Trauma? Careful Assessment Facilitates Effective Treatment

Dr. Kevin Holloway

Trauma. The word means different things to different people and in different circumstances. Sometimes the word refers to intense distress. Sometimes it means actual physical tissue damage. Sometimes it means an emotional upset. And all of these definitions are legitimate and understood in specific contexts

Research Update: 9 June 2022

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The weekly Research Update contains the latest news, journal articles, useful links from around the web. Some of this week's topics include: 
● The sleep physiology of nightmares in veterans with psychological trauma: Evaluation of a dominant model using participant-applied electroencephalography in the home environment.
● Help for insomnia from the app store? A standardized rating of mobile health applications claiming to target insomnia.
● Complex pain phenotypes: Suicidal ideation and attempt through latent multimorbidity.

Staff Perspective: The History of PTSD Awareness Month

Dr. Carin Lefkowitz

We observe PTSD Awareness Month every year at CDP by writing new blogs about PTSD, offering several workshops on PTSD assessment and treatment during the month of June, and focusing our monthly CDP Presents webinar on the topic. Yet few of us (including myself) know the history of PTSD Awareness Month and how we came to observe it every year.