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Staff Perspective: Putting on the Uniform

Lisa French, Psy.D.

Have you ever wondered, “Should I put on the uniform? Is a career as a military psychologist right for me?” If only there was a program that could introduce interested graduate students on what it is like to serve as a uniformed provider. Oh wait, there is! The CDP is preparing to host their 4th annual, The Summer Institute: Preparing for a Career in the Armed Forces. This five-day course is designed for doctoral students in clinical or counseling psychology who are interested in joining the U.S. military and serving military patients

CDP News: 1 December 2017

Welcome to this week’s edition of  CDP News! We like to use this space to review recent happenings in and around the Center for Deployment Psychology, while also looking ahead to upcoming events. December is underway and the holidays are coming soon, but we’ve got plenty going on before then.