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By the Numbers - January 28, 2013

$150 billion

The amount requested by the Department of Defense (DoD) "to fund the pay and benefits of current and retired members of the military" for FY 2013, according to a report last fall from the Congressional Budget Office, Costs of Military Pay and Benefits in the Defense Budget. Of this amount -- roughly one-fourth of the entire military budget -- more than $90 million covers "basic pay, food and housing allowances, bonuses, and various types of special pay."

Staff Voices: Improving Therapy Outcomes via Psychophysiological Education - (Part II)

In this segment, I continue on from part 1’s focus on “evolved perspective” and “integrating experiences” to discussing how helping individuals understand deployment’s impact on the nervous system seems to be helpful in facilitating positive clinical outcomes. Lastly, I discuss an anecdotal observation and subsequent treatment addendum that has proved helpful in increasing patient “buy in” and adherence to sleep protocols while reducing complaints about sleep.

CDP News: January 18, 2013

Welcome back for another session of CDP News. Our UC4 program continues to be quite active. The new UC4-e  program held a quite successful PE training last Thursday and Friday. Then this week we visited the University of California at Berkeley and today we’re holding another session at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus. This program has been quite well received by both participants and host universities. We’re doing what we can to expand the program to help meet the demand from various counseling centers.