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Staff Perspective: Preparing for a Career in Military Psychology

In the late ‘90s I did not give much thought to preparing for a career in military psychology while I was in graduate school.  It was only towards the end of my third year of school that I began to entertain the idea of a military internship, but even then my thoughts were not heavily centered on what courses I should take, what practicum I should pursue, what treatments did I need to learn, what specific disorders should I gain experience treating, or what I needed to know about military culture.

Staff Perspective: Lemons Are on the Way, Let's Eat Sauerkraut in the Meantime

From the late 1760’s through 1780, Captain James Cook and his small fleet had fantastic adventures. His ships were small with relatively light crews who did not have particularly good health practices (this was the late 1700’s, so we’ll give them a pass since toothpaste and masculine-scented body wash weren’t invented yet). Yet, they circumnavigated the globe multiple times, visiting exotic locations like Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, and Alaska.  Captain Cook and his crew are mostly remembered for their intrepid voyages and consequent additions to English sea charts, but they also achieved something even more remarkable for sailors at the time: almost none of them died of scurvy (Berwick, 2003) . How did he do it? He forced everyone on his ships to eat sauerkraut every day.

Staff Perspective: Group vs. Individual Treatment with Cognitive Processing Therapy

To “group” or not to “group”…. Have you ever found yourself asking that question as a provider?  There is, of course, the general concept of group theory and what patients work best in a group and those that don’t.  It can be easy to spot people who will not interact with others well, to one extreme or the other.  But it can be harder as a provider to determine the more intricate question of what type of behavioral health problem can be better served in a group format instead of individual. 

Staff Perspective: New Evidence-Based Psychotherapies Resources Page

The Center for Deployment for Psychology is committed to helping behavioral health providers offer the latest in evidence-based psychotherapies (EBPs) when working with Veterans, Service members, and their families. As part of this commitment, CDP offers a variety of support, from live training, to consultation, to our monthly CDP Presents” webinars. Now we’re proud to present our latest offering, the new Evidence-Based Psychotherapies Resources page on our website.

Staff Perspective: A Look Back at Joining Forces Wellness Week 2016

During the week of Veterans Day, 7-11 November, the Center for Deployment Psychology was proud to support the fifth annual Joining Forces Wellness Week (JFWW). Over these five days, CDP provided technical assistance, logistical support and personnel to a series of hour-long webinars. These webinars featured presentations from numerous organizations focusing on the unique needs and overall well-being of Service members, Veterans and their family members.