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Staff Perspective: “Complacency Kills”- The Link Between Combat Experiences and Safety Behaviors in War-Related PTSD

One of my first memories from my deployment to Fallujah, Iraq was seeing the phrase “Complacency Kills” spray-painted in red on large concrete barriers and signs around the base. This simple phrase was a sober reminder to all who read it to be on guard at all times and men and women in theater rapidly internalized and adapted their behaviors to accommodate its warning.  For many, it not only shaped their mindset and behaviors in theater, but continued to impact their post-deployment lives through the adoption of war-related safety behaviors. 

Staff Perspective: A Spotlight on Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a common complaint in Service members and Veterans. Indeed over half of the Veterans returning from service in Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom report chronic pain. The harsh physical stresses of the military life can leave lasting effects. Soldiers are often required to carry extremely heavy loads of equipment and gear (which can approach or exceed 100 pounds) for long periods of time. Frequent physical training and exertion can take a toll on the body. Physical discomfort is often overlooked in favor of accomplishing the mission. All of these factors (and many more, common in military life) make it easy to see how Service member and Veterans can be at risk for issues with chronic pain.

Staff Perspective: A Quiz on Chronic Pain Research

I’ve always been interested in pain, even before completing the post-doc in Health Psych. Perhaps that’s because I’ve suffered an above-average number of injuries in my time: ulna fracture; concussion; compound bruise with threat of amputation mid-fibula/tibia; dislocated elbow; torn rotator cuff; knee hyperextension; metatarsal fracture; etc. Needless to say that these old injuries remind me they exist, dependent upon my level of exercise, sleep, stress, and diet, among other factors.

Staff Perspective: New Year, New Training Opportunities!

2016 was a great year for the Center for Deployment Psychology. We held numerous training events, both face-to-face and virtual. We’re looking forward to doing even more in 2017. As we turn the calendar to a brand new year, we’d like to showcase a few of the exciting training opportunities coming up.

Staff Perspective: Top 10 Blogs of 2016

As we reach the close of 2016, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look back at some of the most popular blog entries from CDP faculty members. There are a wide-range of topics, from military families to provider resources to suicide, but they’re all well-worth checking out. We’ve got plenty more great entries planned for 2017, but in the meantime, here are 2016’s top 10!