Assessment and Treatment of Depression in Military Service: An Overview - Course Description

Description: This training module outlines the rates of depression in the civilian, military, and veteran population and provides information about the prevalence and etiology of depression. Information related to the stigma associated with depressive issues is addressed. Strategies for screening and assessing depression are included, and specific psychometric tools are provided. Treatments consistent with the VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines to address depression are provided, with emphasis given to Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy. Finally, a brief overview of the six VA/DoD recommended treatment protocols is discussed, with information and resources for obtaining more comprehensive knowledge and training.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the prevalence of depression in the military population.
  2. Discuss the negative consequences of the stigma associated with depression.
  3. Identify strategies for screening and assessing military clients for depression.
  4. Review effective therapies for treating military clients with depression.
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