Forces for Health: Be Ready - The Role of Culturally-Informed Multidisciplinary Care in Recovery Online via Zoom, 26 July 2018

Forces for Health: Be Ready - The Role of Culturally-Informed Multidisciplinary Care in Recovery Online via Zoom

26 July, Noon to 1 p.m. Eastern

Description: Over the past decade, both the demand for health care services among Veterans and the wait times experienced by Veterans have increased, which has led the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to purchase private care to meet this demand and decrease wait times. As a result, VA now purchases private care for a third of its appointments. But is the quality of this care on par with VA? What is the experience of clinicians providing private care to Veterans? And, most importantly, what is the readiness of providers to deliver culturally competent care to Veterans?

These are the questions that the RAND Corporation has asked in its recent report titled “Ready or Not? Assessing the Capacity of New York State Health Care Providers to Meet the Needs of Veterans.” Findings of this study will be discussed in addition to specific recommendations regarding how providers can enhance their readiness and improve clinical practice for military-connected patients.

To access the course, on the day of the event, log into your account here: and click on the green "Launch Webinar" button.

Learning Objectives:
After this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Appraise the state of overall provider readiness for a military-connected population
  • Articulate components of culturally competent care for veterans
  • Identify strategies to increase readiness and enhance culturally-informed care for military-connected patients