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Video Player IconUtilizing the PCL-5 in CPT: The Unidentified Stuck Point
The PCL-5 is an essential tool that will assist you in monitoring changes in PTSD symptoms...Watch now
Video Player IconIdentifying Stuck Points
Identifying stuck points and using the stuck point logs are integral techniques in CPT, but can be challenging for novice CPT therapists...Watch now
Video Player IconIntroducing a Patient to PE and CPT
Given that both PE and CPT have strong empirical support and have been found to be equally efective in...Watch now
Video Player IconHelping a Client to Choose Between CPT and CPT-C
Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) anc be delivered with a written trauma account (CPT) or without a…Read More
Video Player IconIdentifying the Index Trauma
Sometimes clients who have experienced multiple traumas express difficulty in choosing one trauma on which to fucus. By asking…Read More
Video Player IconWorking with Guilt in CPT
Guilt is an emotion that is commonly encountered when working with trauma. It can be difficult to know how to address guilt in therapy…Read More
Video Player IconSocratic Questioning: The Art of Guided Self-Discovery
Socratic questioning is the cornerstone for CPT, as well as other cognitive behavioral threatments…Read More