Helping Families Navigate Child Development in the Digital Age

This asynchronous on-demand training supports behavioral health providers’ ability to come alongside families as they consider how to incorporate technology into the lives of their children between birth and 11 years of age. Learners will review how development unfolds over childhood and then consider how technology use may influence development. Learners explore this content across three developmental age ranges: infancy and toddlerhood (birth to 2 years old), preschool age (3 to 5 years old), and school age (6 to 11 years old). For each developmental age range, the training includes information that can be used as guidance to families of children to help them navigate how to optimize screen use while minimizing its possible detrimental effects to developmental outcomes. (Law et al., 2023; Bayley & Aylward, 2019; Dalope & Woods, 2018; Guerrero et al., 2019; Janssen et al., 2020).
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Instructional Format
This course is available online as an interactive, reading based asynchronous webinar, including a combination of reading, videos and activities. Participants will complete the course and take an online post-test.

Total CE Credits: 1.25
Total Contact Hours: 1.25

Learning Objectives: Following the training, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain the potential impacts of technology use on development in children from infancy through school age (0 – 11 years old).
  • Integrate information on the impact of technology use on development into clinical practice and the guidance provided to families with children (0 – 11 years old).

Target Audience: For behavioral health providers who treat military personnel, veterans and their families.

Instructional Content Level: Intermediate

Course Creation Date: 16 August 2023

Contact Information: Questions or concerns? Please contact Julie Williams at