Military Culture and the Reserves and National Guard Course Description

Description: The purpose of this knowledge-based educational web course is to close the gap by discussing the Reserve Component (RC) as a unique culture within the military culture that warrants awareness and understanding from health care providers. A panel of experts from various backgrounds and settings to include Guard and Reserve, officer and enlisted, line and healthcare personnel will orient learners to the basics of service in the RC and then provide a more in-depth discussion regarding how membership in the RC culture can affect the health care seeking and response of RC Service members and their families. Unique stressors of RC will be reviewed to include common deployment-related health and mental health concerns. Empirically supported strategies to best engage RC patients will be reviewed as well as expert opinions from providers with extensive experience in working with this population in a healthcare setting.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Articulate the composition and mission of the reserve component.
  2. Characterize common opportunities/stressors unique to serving in the reserve component.
  3. Assess strategies that healthcare providers can use to demonstrate an awareness/knowledge of the reserve component patient population.