Practical for Your Practice, Episode 1: I went to the workshop, now what? Tips for Improving EBP Skills

Episode 01: "I Went to the Workshop. Now What? Tips for Improving EBP Skills"
Guests: Drs. Kevin Holloway and Andy Santanello
All of us have been to multiple day workshops to learn new clinical skills. Although we might leave with some enthusiasm, new skills, and new information, that doesn’t always mean that we are proficient in applying new learning. In this podcast, Drs. Holloway and Santanello chat about some of the strategies that they have used as EBP practitioners to improve their skills.

Show Notes:
Resources mentioned in this episode:
7:30 Chow, D. L., Miller, S. D., Seidel, J. A., Kane, R. T., Thornton, J. A., & Andrews, W. P. (2015). The role of deliberate practice in development of highly effective psychotherapists. Psychotherapy, 52(3), 337-345.
15:42 (16:58)  The first 20 hours - How to Learn Anything, Josh Kaufman

Calls-to-action: For example:Seek out opportunities for consultation (e.g. colleagues, practice groups, consultation calls)Carve out protected time in your weekly schedule to focus intentionally to practice/develop skillsBe honest with yourself about what you’re good at and what you need to improve using criteria other than your own confidence in your skills (e.g. self-rating competence forms, fidelity forms) 
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