Practical for Your Practice, Episode 3: This IS the Track - How Talking About Afghanistan Doesn't Have to Derail an EBP

Episode 03: "This IS the Track - How Talking About Afghanistan Doesn't Have to Derail an EBP"
Guests: Drs. Kelly Chrestman and Sonya Norman
The recent events in Afghanistan have left many military-connected clients (and providers!) reeling, creating a sense of anxiety in clinics about how to best provide support. In this episode, we bring lead EBP consultants from VA and DoD together to talk about the importance of examining our own reactions, making room for our client’s grief, anger and other emotions and how to be fully present in the room as our clients struggle to (re)create balance and meaning. We explore how validation serves as the essential substrate across EBP’s, as well as ways providers can support clients to examine values and move with intention through these historical events. Don’t miss this special episode as your colleagues discuss “doom scrolling,” the “EBP police” and much more!

Show Notes:
Sonya Norman, Ph.D. is Director of the PTSD Consultation Program through the Executive Branch of the National Center for PTSD, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and in the Psychotherapy Unit of the VA Center of Excellence for Stress and Mental Health. She earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Stanford University and completed trauma-focused postdoctoral research fellowships at UCSD. Dr. Norman previously directed the San Diego VA's OEF/OIF/OND PTSD clinic and has served as a consultant on the VA's prolonged exposure therapy roll-out. Dr. Norman's primary areas of research are in psychotherapies that treat co-occurring PTSD and substance use disorders and in treating PTSD in recently deployed Veterans. Dr. Norman has over 50 publications related to trauma and PTSD. Kelly Chrestman, Ph.D., is a Senior Military Behavioral Health Psychologist at the Center for Deployment Psychology. She provides training, support, and consultation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and in the Assessment and Treatment of PTSD. She works with the team at CDP to find new and better ways to link clinicians with both traditional and innovative resources that will help them implement EBPs more effectively. This includes leveraging computer technology and virtual assets to reach professionals that might otherwise have difficulty accessing high-quality training and consultation.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
32:20 Apps mentioned Covid coach, mindfulness coach, ptsd coach:
32:45 VA NCPTSD website For Veterans:, For Providers:
33:20 Vet Center Groups and other resources -

Calls-to-action: Check out the links to the resources mentioned in this episode to include mobile apps, blogs for veterans and providers, and ways to find veteran social support groups to supplement your support (see resources above)

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