Practical for Your Practice, Episode 10: Manifesting the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing in the Context of EBP

Practical for Your Practice album coverEpisode 10: "Manifesting the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing in the Context of EBP"

Guest: Dr. Onna Brewer
Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a style of communication that can be useful in many different clinical situations. Maintaining the spirit of MI while practicing EBP presents a challenge. In this episode, Dr. Onna Brewer shares some actionable intel that will help you to listen with an ear for connection and change talk and to do what comes naturally (or maybe NOT so naturally) in practicing EBPs.

Join us as we discuss the interplay of common factors and EBP protocols, how they are not mutually exclusive, and how to make sure you are attending most to the real person and the real relationship with you in the room while applying EBP techniques.


Show Notes:
Dr. Onna Brewer is a clinical psychologist and consultant in private practice. Her research and community-based work have focused on processes of behavior change, behavioral health treatment approaches, and improving access to care for underserved communities. Her post-doctoral training and early career included trauma specialization and providing outpatient care with the Veterans Health Administration where she was also a Motivational Interviewing consultant and regional trainer for the VA’s National Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Initiative. She is a member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, the Florida Psychological Association and APA. Dr. Brewer is licensed to practice psychology in the states of Florida and Illinois, and she provides training and consultation for a diverse array of helping professionals and organizations around the world.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

CDP Presents: Motivational Interviewing and Its Synergy with Other Evidence-Based Practices

CDP Motivational Interviewing Resources


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