Practical for Your Practice, Episode 12: There’s (Already!) an App for That!

Practical for Your Practice album coverEpisode 12: "There’s (already!) an app for that! Utilizing lighter, targeted, ecologically valid tech in EBPs"

Guest: Dr. Peter Tuerk
The future is now. Technology augmentation of the dissemination and implementation of EBPs has never been more widely accepted, from mobile apps to synchronous telehealth to asynchronous post-workshop support.

Join us as we geek out with Dr. Peter Tuerk about the merits of technology adoption in EBPs, thinking creatively about using familiar technologies in new ways, provider-crowd-sourcing, and avoiding the trap of insisting that technology solutions must be replications of the old ways of doing things.

Come for the tech talk, stay for the “skewmorphs.”



Show Notes:
Dr. Peter Tuerk is a research psychologist and clinician who specializes in evidence-based treatments for anxiety-spectrum disorders, related research and training, and the integration of technology into clinical care. Currently, he is Director of the Sheila C. Johnson Center for Clinical Services, a multidisciplinary training clinic at University of Virginia, and he serves as Professor of Education within the Department of Human Services. His current research focuses on novel asynchronous telehealth technologies, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence in service of addressing EBT barriers.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

OC GO: [22:46]

Brian Bunell case report [26:41]


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