CDP Presents: Trauma-Informed Intimate Partner Violence Treatment in Military and Veteran Populations

Originally presented 12 June 2019

Intimate partner violence is a public health issue that is particularly prevalent in Veteran and military populations. This free 90-minute (75-minutes didactics, 15-minutes Q&A) webinar will provide an overview of the trauma-informed intimate partner violence (IPV) treatment model, Strength at Home. Theoretical underpinnings and evidence for the model will be reviewed, followed by an examination of data from efficacy and effectiveness studies. The talk will culminate with a discussion of the current national implementation of Strength at Home across the VA

Learning Objectives:

  • Communicate the underpinnings of intimate partner violence from a trauma-informed perspective
  • Evaluate evidence supporting Strength at Home in health care settings serving veterans and military populations
  • Articulate how to incorporate trauma-informed approaches to IPV into practice

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