Clinical Skills Resources

Evidence Based Psychotherapy (EBP) protocols provide clinicians with a blueprint for systematically addressing mental health problems and diagnoses. However, these protocols typically employ specific clinical skills and techniques without consideration for how these skills cut across different therapeutic styles. Additionally, things like risk assessment, informed consent procedures, rapport building, self monitoring and case conceptualization are rarely covered even though they are critical to the success of the treatment.

As such, we invite you to explore clinical skills resources, which are meant to be broadly applicable to different clinical presentations and provide a way to review foundational clinical skills outside the context of a treatment protocol. Though some of the resources here are specific to one particular EBP, many of them are relevant to a number of EBPs and treatment plans, including entries from the CDP blog, the CDP Presents webinar series, and our expert video demonstrations.

Please explore our collection of Clinical Skill building resources and check back often for new content.