Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression (CBT-D)

This intensive 2-day workshop provides training in the fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression for behavioral health providers working with Service members. The workshop will begin with a discussion of depression in the military, followed by a summary of the theory underlying cognitive behavioral therapy. Participants will then learn how to conceptualize depressed patients according to this model, plan treatment, and utilize both cognitive and behavioral strategies. Participants will have the opportunity to watch video examples and practice intervention strategies through their own role plays. Attendance at both days is required.

Learning Objectives:

1. Explore prevalence rates of depression in military populations.

2. Point out treatment considerations specific to a military population when utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression (CBT-D).

3. Consider the negative consequences of mental health stigma for Service members.

4. Articulate the theory relevant to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

5. Specify the key principles of CBT.

6. Apply CBT formulation to depression.

7. Develop an individualized case conceptualization for patients based on the cognitive behavioral model.

8. Communicate the role of assessment in developing a CBT case conceptualization.

9. Prioritize the components of a standard CBT-D session.

10. Determine cognitive strategies utilized in CBT-D to modify unhelpful cognitions in Service members.

11. Determine behavioral strategies utilized in CBT-D to modify unhelpful behavioral patterns in Service members.

12. Apply the use of the Socratic Method in CBT.

13. Articulate common cognitive distortions of military personnel.

14. Establish ability and confidence to utilize CBT skills with depressed Service members through role play activities.