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  Supplementary Q&A by Ms. Nancy St. Claire
Q: Is there any fee to the client for use of Give an Hour services?
A: All counseling services provided by Give an Hour providers are free of charge. These pro bono services extend to counseling provided via telehealth through our Google HelpOuts initiative. If an individual contacts a Give an Hour provider, and there is a misunderstanding about providing free services, please contact Give an Hour at: info@giveanhour.org.
Q: : You mentioned insurance reimbursement earlier in your presentation discussing telehealth, but can you clarify is there a fee to patients for therapy sessions?
A: If a clinician provides Google HelpOuts telehealth counseling as a registered Give an Hour provider, these are pro bono counseling services, so it’s not eligible for insurance reimbursement. If a clinician is providing telehealth counseling outside of being a Give an Hour provider, he or she should check with the insurance company to ensure they can charge for reimburse for telehealth counseling sessions.