My Social Views

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People who like or are comfortable around firearms are inherently dangerous.
Firearms themselves are not inherently dangerous or bad.
By definition, someone who has killed another human will have moral or ethical issues.
People who serve in the military or law enforcement have a higher calling to serve.
People who go into service or law enforcement are on a power trip or are lacking and need structure.
People who go into service or law enforcement are patriotic.
Only poor people join the military as a career.
Clubs and teams like boy/girl scouts, sports teams, military, etc. are just social orders that foster dependence and deemphasize or stifle individualism.
Being a part of a team or of something bigger than yourself teaches valuable life lessons.
The role of the government, and specifically the DoD, is to protect and defend our way of life.
The Department of Defense should be a significantly smaller part of the government.
The invasion of any country is justified if that country poses a threat to the national security of the United States and international peace and security in that region.