(Online Course) Outline The Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress on Families and Children, Part 1

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Demographic Characteristics of Service members and their families
    • General demographics
    • Dual military marriages
    • Single parents
    • Age of Active Component (AC) spouses
    • Age of children
    • Reserve Component (RC) vs. Active Duty
    • Implications for RC families
    • Demographics of Service members who recently deployed
  3. General and deployment related stressors
    • Stressors and challenges for military families
    • Moving
    • Marital satisfaction
    • Military specific demands
  4. Summary of research findings: risk and resiliency
    • Risk and resiliency for military families throughout deployment
    • What do we know about children and deployment?
      1. Do previous findings generalize?
      2. Impact of the Global War on Terror on Children
  5. The deployment cycle
    • Pre-deployment phase – notification, preparation and training.

      1. Pre-deployment stressors
      2. Emotional responses of family members pre-deployment
    • Deployment Phase: departure, sustainment, combat and conflict
      1. Service member experience
      2. Combat experience and family separation
      3. Deployment stressors for spouse
      4. Deployment stressors for children and adolescents
        • Warning signs children/adolescents may exhibit
      5. Other issues during deployment
        • Financial
        • Communication
        • Length of deployment
    • Post-deployment: homecoming and reunion
      1. Post-deployment stressors
      2. Common stressors for Service member
        • Common reactions post-deployment
        • Change in mindset
      3. Reserve Component Service members
      4. Changes for family
      5. Spouse’s reactions
      6. Realities for children/adolescents
        • Common responses for infants, children and adolescents
    • Child maltreatment/Domestic Violence and deployment
  6. Reintegration with wounded warriors and death of a Service member
    • Severely combat-injured Service member

      1. Service member’s reactions
      2. Spouse’s reactions
      3. Impact of parental injury on children
        • Injury communication to children
      4. Helping the injured family
    • Psychiatric injury
      1. Percent of Service members screening positive
      2. Family problems and OIF/OEF Veterans with psychiatric symptoms
      3. PTSD and the family
        • Parenting and PTSD
      4. Assessing and treating families
    • Death of a Service member
      1. Death of a spouse
      2. Death of a parent