Outline The Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress on Families and Children, Part 2 (Online Course)

Course Outline:

1.  Introduction
2.  Understanding resilience in military families

o    What is resilience?

o    How do we promote resilience?

o    Risk and resiliency factors reviewed

3.  General tips and skills for promoting resiliency in military families

o    Resiliency in couples

o    Strategies for promoting resilient couples

o    What is CBT?

o    Cognitive distortions

o    Communication training

o    Problem solving

o    Scheduling pleasurable activities

o    Resiliency in children

o    A model of resilience for children

4.  Specific tips and skills for promoting resiliency in families throughout the

deployment cycle

o    Deployment cycle

  a. Pre-deployment

  •   Tips for coping pre-deployment: couples
  •   Tips for coping pre-deployment: children

  b.   Deployment

  •   Research on long distance relationships (LDRs)
  •   Tips for coping deployment: couples
  •   Tips for coping deployment: children

  c.   Post-deployment

  •   Tips for coping post-deployment: couples
  •   Tips for coping post-deployment: children