Outline Military Cultural Competence (Online Course)

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to military culture

  2. Military rank structure

    • Enlisted Service members

    • Warrant Officers

    • Commissioned Officers

  3. Branches of Service: Missions, structure, and core values

    • Army

    • Navy

    • Marine Corps

    • Air Force

  4. Active vs. Reserve Component

    • Active Component (AC)

      1. Benefits and common stressors for AC Service members and their families.

    • Reserve Component (RC)

      1. National Guard vs. Reserves

      2. Benefits for RC Service members and their families

      3. Common stressors for RC Service members and their families

  5. Demographic characteristics

    • Age

    • Gender (AC vs. RC and by Rank)

    • Marital dissolution

    • Ethno-Racial diversity

    • Occupation (Enlisted, Officer)

  6. General and deployment related terms